I heard you didn’t leave because you wanted to
But because you had to go and figure out things on your own
I hope you don’t mind all the vulgar words I write
It just shows that you’re the most important one on my mind
I’ve heard you in my sleep, I’ve even seen you in my dreams
And I wish that I could say that I don’t know what it means
I know it may be true that I am still in love with you
But there is no one in the world that sees me quite like you do

I hope when you venture off to sea
It’s not the hard times that you keep
But the whole world that evolved into you and me
And you dive deep into the life that you need

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By Ed Freeman


By Ed Freeman

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always thinking of you.

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You’ve been absent for months but you’re still here
Songs of me sleeping from the tape that you spun
Still unraveling now that you’re gone

I’m a passive motherfucker with a
Sparse supply of emotional conduits

fuck today.

This fucking track, man. Vibing on this so hard. Where’s my turtleneck and closeup and slow-mo everything.

Fuck the forest we fell out of.
And fuck the music that brought us there.
Fuck the beauty you exude.
I can [still] hardly handle the pain.